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Alma S. Gobbi

Alias Almadillo

Hi! My name is Alma and I'm an illustrator living in Verscio a small town in Ticino, Switzerland.

I'm not only a part-time almadillo, but I also studied art at the Liceo Artistico in Lugano and illustration at the Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences.

I offer a wide variety of styles and have been involved in various projects, from comics to children's books to illustrated reports to postcards, CD covers, posters, tourist maps and more.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my work or about collaborations and commissions, or if you just want to have a coffee with me!

Or of course you can also ask me more personal questions, like my opinion about zebras.



curriculum vitae

Concorso Bernapark Jungle

2020, 8º Posto

Concorso Astronomia Ezio Fioravanzo SAT 2019, 1ºposto

pittori in piazza Verscio seconda edizione

2013, 2º Posto


pittori in piazza Verscio 

2012, premio spettatori

2019 - 2022

Bachelor degree in illustration at
University of Applied Arts and Science 

 HSLU, Luzern 

2014 - 2018

Certificato di scuola specializzata 

Certificato di Maturità specializzata
(indirizzo arti visive)

Scuola Cantonale d' Arte 

CSIA, Lugano


Stadt Luzern 2023   (Comic Reportage)


Fumetto Festival 2023  (Comic Reportage)


RON ORP Newsletter 2023 ( Illustrations)

Biella Clairfontaine AG 2023-2024 (Workshops)


Hellowelcome 2023 (Comic Reportage /book)

EYEDO.MEDIA 2023 (illustration für dokumentarfilm "Löwenzahnkind")


Ristorante Centovalli 2017-2023  ( Postcards / Touristic maps)


Ai Molti Tesori 2021-2022 ( children book illustrations)


Associazione Lichen Sclerosus  2019 ( informative book illustrations)


English – B2




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